Saving Sion Stables

Designed by William Unsworth in 1884, the Stable block was listed B+ on the “Buildings at Risk” register since its inception. The level of deterioration had been significant over the years, with the collapsing of the clock tower on 9th July 2008.

Before and After


Sion Stables was subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order (the first Compulsory Purchase of a “Building at Risk” in Northern Ireland), transferring ownership of the building to the Environment Agency on the 19th July 2008.

The building was subsequently passed to HEARTH, an experienced Building Preservation Trust based in Belfast, who were intrinsically involved with Sion Mills Buildings Preservation Trust in the restoration process.

The redevelopment of the property by HEARTH and SMBPT will ensure that the integrity and character of the building is retained whilst providing a much needed economic and social asset for Sion Mills village.

The restoration of the Stable block has been painstakingly carried out over the last two years to bring it back to its former architectural glory. A combination of modern building techniques allied with skilled heritage craftsmen has led to the building being returned to its original architectural glory within a modern day setting.

To fully appreciate understand and enjoy this special place you need to visit Sion Mills to see its living history and the efforts being made to preserve it.