‘WW1 – In Your Attic’

ww1 in your attic

‘WW1 In Your Attic’: A chance to identify those hidden treasures you didn’t know you had.
On Wednesday 18th November 2015, Sion Stables will be hosting a special Free centenary commemoration event and YOU are invited.
There cannot be many people today whose ancestors were not touched by World War One in some way. Did some of your relatives play some part in ‘The Great War’, keeping mementos which have been passed down the generations to you? Do you know what these are and the story behind them? If you do not, then come along to ‘WW1 In Your Attic’ where our panel of experts will be only too eager to help you find out.
Sion Stables invites anyone who has a story to tell about their relative’s role in WW1 to attend and look forward to hearing and documenting these unforgettable tales. This special Centenary event provides an opportunity to explore and discover the unfamiliar stories about a war that reached far beyond the trenches to home life here in Northern Ireland. Help us piece together the history of this area through exploring the many colourful accounts of our past.
The event will run from 10am until 7pm.Feel free to drop in at any time throughout the day. One to one sessions are available. Please call Sion Stables today to book your space due to limited availability.
Tel: 028 8165 9772 or email: [email protected]
Please note – This is an exhibition only. Items are not meant to be bought sold or traded. However, if you wish your item to be included into one of Sion Stables themed museum displays, please call the museum and they would be happy to discuss this with you.